Question about basic use with Dropbox

I recently installed odrive in a Macbook Pro with OSX El Capitan. I have a Dropbox account so I linked odrive to this Dropbox account. I got in the odrive directory a Dropbox folder and a file named Icon. My questions are rather basic about usage:

  1. can keep adding files directly to my Dropbox folder, the one not inside odrive? Will the new files be automatically synced? or should I do all the work in the files from within the odrive directory?
  2. Should I eliminate the Dropbox syncing program that I have installed in the menu in the top bar of my desktop?
  3. Should I do something with the old Dropbox directory? Will the space used be duplicated by having that directory and the odrive/Dropbox directory?

I know that some of these questions are very basic but I believe quite fundamental to understand how to use this system, which as far as I can tell looks a lot like a HSM system.

Many thanks!


Hi, please take a look at this post for some details/thoughts on this question and let me know if you still have questions.

Thanks Tony for the reply. Nevertheless I still do not understand whether I should remove the local Dropbox directory in my Mac. Is that part of the installation of the Dropbox client? So then I can remove it once I am sure that all files in that Directory are synced?

That is correct. The Dropbox app’s Dropbox directory should be located in your home directory, not to be confused with the odrive\Dropbox directory.

Please refer to Dropbox’s uninstall instructions for details on uninstall the app (and the folder):