Question about ACL permissions & Dropbox

Hi all,
Dropbox recently made a change to their api and have put many of us loyal db users in he11. I use odrive too and I’m just wondering how odrive is affected by this change or IF it’s affected for that matter. If Odrive will continue to respect acl permissons during the sync process then maybe my solution is just to exclusively use the odrive sync agent and not the db desktop sync client.
Any thoughts or input would be greatly appreciated.

Hi @jencodb,
We haven’t made any changes in this regard and we don’t perform any extra ACL modification when writing files and folders.

I did some quick testing on my Windows 10 machine by adding the “Everyone” group with read-only permissions to my Dropbox folder in odrive. All subsequent folder and file downloads retained those permissions.

Can you elaborate on your use case for this behavior a bit? I would love to hear how you are using your Dropbox storage and how customized ACLs are used for your workflow so I can share with our product team.