Progress on the (re)work?

Hi guys

I read you are doing a big rework of the backend and system (already quite a while as well), which is perfectly understandable. But in the mean time it does seem as if all social media and blog posts and everything died down.
I understand you might not currently have the resources to spend on marketing, but even seeing tweets from the developers would be “something”.

It currently feels a bit like it’s in limbo, sorry :frowning:

Don’t get me wrong, you have an awesome product, so I’d really like to see odrive get more features and become better :smiley:

Kind regards


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Hi @larry.bolt,
The blog and other marketing content definitely died down once we started working on the next generation stuff.

The good news is that we are nearing release of some of these new pieces. You can expect to hear some announcements very soon. Once we have pushed some things out, we will be able to focus on the supporting documentation and marketing materials again.