Procore to odrive sync

We have a user who downloaded free version odrive to link to his Procore.
However, he can not sync recently. He was using a couple of weeks already. Do you have troubleshooting step can be followed

Hi @roy.lee,

If you send us a diagnostic from the user’s system, we can take a look.

What is the problem being seen? Is the user receiving errors when trying to do something?

yes will do. According to what he said, he has seen the 7days subscription expiration prompt. Not sure if the sync procore to odrive needed subscription? or something.

Hi @roy.lee,
Normal sync functionality doesn’t require a subscription.

If the user was using something more advanced, like “sync to odrive” to sync a folder outside of the default odrive folder, then something like that would require a subscription.

Got a new update. He said he is syncing outside of default odrive folder. How can we process to get the subscription for him?

Hi @roy.lee,
Thanks for the update. I will have someone reach out to you about next steps.