Problems with "One Drive for Business"!

I can not see “One Drive for Business” folders and files.

This message is returned:Microsoft OneDrive enforces a limit on the rate that request can be made to their service. You have made too many requests recently and hit this limit:

Unfortunately, the problem is not solved even by waiting few minutes.
Would it be possible to know what this limit is?
How long is the limit time-frame?
Will it be resolved in the future or will I be forced to find another solution?

Thanks a lot!

Hi @e.david,
This is a message indicating that the OneDrive account is returning an error when we are trying to access it. Do you get the same error when using the odrive desktop client? If so, can you send a diagnostic after you trigger it?

Not the same error message. On desktop client, much less frequently, appears a message like this: “unavailable service”.

The problem is mainly from browser by accessing the “One Drive for Business” storage, or when I try to access a “space” that uses “One Drive for Business”.

Hi @e.david,
Can you generate an error on the desktop and then send a diagnostic from the odrive menu? I would like to see if there is anything that points to what you are experiencing.

You also mentioned Spaces. How many Spaces are setup against this account, and how many people do you think are accessing it?

Hi Tony,
thanks for your answer!

Unfortunately (or fortunately) the problem does not occur on desktop clients almost never! What I know is that it always happens, even now, from browsers.

Talking about Spaces, is one of the reasons I’m using oDrive. Based on “One Drive for Business” I created 2 spaces, the first one with 1-2 people active, the second one with 7-9 people active. These people only see an “unavailable” error message.

let me know!

Hi @e.david,
I had the operations team take a look at some logs for the webclient. It looks like OneDrive is returning “429 Too Many Requests” when we are making a request from them on the web, although it doesn’t appear to be happening for each request. Can you try closing the odrive application on your machine, waiting a while, and then seeing if the behavior improves on the web client?

This happens anyway. In the meanwhile, I ran into the same problem on the Mac app and I sent a diagnostic report right after.

Hi @e.david,
Yeah it is the same error you are seeing on the web: ‘429 TOO MANY REQUESTS’

Since this is a direct message from OneDrive, there isn’t anything odrive can do to change it.

Closing all odrive desktop clients using this OneDrive account should’ve reduced the number of total calls and I was hoping that it would show some improvement.

It seems like your account is being pretty strictly limited for the number of calls made to it, unfortunately.