Problems sinking with Aws S3

I have run into two problems with Amazon S3.

  1. I can’t figure out how to make any bucket use the Odrive file loading feature, just the / format. I created a new bucket and connected it, but still, It only works with the / format. How do I use the Odrive format? I am guessing it will help with my second problem.
  2. I want to use Odrive as the way of updating a static site on S3, but currently when I add or change my index.html file, Odrive puts the content-type as some kind of stream file and not text/html. This means that when I go to my site after updating index.html and having Odrive sink it, I am asked if I want to download my index.html file. I deleted the Odrive index and uploaded the index.html through the console and the metadata has the content-type as text/html. How can I have my index.html stay text/html?
    Thank you,

Hi @brandonkeithbiggs,

  1. When you link an an account with S3, you will select the “Enhanced” format. The enhanced format is a format specific to odrive, so you will not want to use it if you want your bucket to be used by other applications.

When using the Enhanced format the structure is not really human-readable, since it is made up of UUID strings for the names and relationships. This may be why it doesn’t look like its working when you are looking at it on S3 directly.

  1. I believe this is a limitation of the integration, since we use a generic content-type. Apologies for the inconvenience on this one. I will bring this up to the product team for the next iteration.
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I see. That is not clear when choosing enhanced.
Is there a way to have a link to a static website using Odrive’s sharing feature? I would really rather just use Odrive’s static site hosting if it exists.

Hi @brandonkeithbiggs,
I know there are several people who use odrive to manage a static site, via FTP/SFTP interfaces, for example, but there isn’t really a way to use odrive’s access features to host a static website.

Keep in mind that odrive doesn’t host any data, but provides access to and management of the remote data. Your idea for using S3 is certainly on the right track, but it would help if we were able to set the mime types for files to allow direct s3 access.

What I meant was, Odrive allows me to share content. I have never used this, so don’t know how it works. But I am only using S3 as a static website and the mime types only are a problem if I access the aws site through the aws link for my bucket. If ODrive had a link that would also allow access to the site, I would probably use that instead.

Hi @brandonkeithbiggs,
You could certainly share via odrive’s sharing features, but it couldn’t be used to present a static webpage. Everything would be presented via our webapp.

OK, sadly then the only thing I can do at this point is change my index.html through the S3 console and use Odrive just for the assets and js script.
Thank you!

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