Problem with pCloud and WebDav syncing index.html files

Hi! I’m having problems syncing my pCloud accounts. Everything seems fine, and all folders sync properly, but when it arrives to some folder that contains any “index.html” file, it stops and says that the folder doesn’t exist. If I go to and try to go to that folder it doesn’t show me the files, it shows me the webpage that is trying to interpret.

That would be the reason? Anything I could do? Is going to be anytime soon the API to connect pCloud without WebDav? A lot of other cloud managers are using it.

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Hi @ivluengo,
My guess is that pcloud is automatically rendering the index.html file when a request is made for that URL, instead of returning a listing of the folder.

Do you have the desktop client installed? If so, can you reproduce the issue there and send a diagnostic from the odrive tray menu so we can take a closer look at what is being returned?

Hi @Tony !

Thanks for your help here!

I did what you told me. This is the capture of the error I received.

After that I “Sent a diagnose”.

Also I must say I asked first to pCloud support about that problem and they told me this:

Good afternoon,

Thank you for contacting pCloud technical service

We’re sorry, but this third-party application using WebDAV has not been tested by pCloud and we have no way of knowing if it works properly. We are not responsible for the errors of third party applications. If you want, we recommend using our synchronization function.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any other question.

PCloud Technical Service

Let me know what can I do to fix that. Thanks a lot!


Hi @ivluengo,
The diagnostics show that pcloud is returning a 405 “METHOD NOT ALLOWED” error for this folder. I don’t know what pcloud is using for their WebDAV service, but the issue being encountered sounds a lot like this bug report here against the Apache module mod_dir: 54914 – mod_dir DirectoryIndex breaks WebDAV PROPFIND / DELETE / MOVE

You could reply to Hugo with this information and also tell him that the behavior when browsing their own server, as you mentioned above, is also incorrect as it tries to render the index.html file instead of listing the contents of the folder.

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Thanks a lot, @Tony !
I already wrote them!
Have a great day!

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