Problem with changing your account password linked to odrive

I have changed the google password linked to my odrive account and wow did I have to do a lot of work to set my account back up on my computer. I understand it is good security to unlink your local odrive session on your PC when the password on the account is changed but you should not have to set everything back up. I had to set sync rules for each folder again, point the odrive root folder back to the set location, unlink and relink encrypted folders and then resync all the data, I had to go to all of my 40 pro sync folders and reconnect them to the folders in the cloud and then set up the sync rules all over again, and I had to reset up my options in the odrive tray app (ie auto trash rules, etc).

People who are mindful about security like me should be changing their passwords regularly, however, it should not be this difficult to continue using odrive after you have changed your account password. This needs to be fixed asap.

Did you deauthorize your odrive or unlink your google cloud drive?

I did neither. I just went to and changed my password. When I logged back into my computer, odrive asked me to reauthorize my account. Once I reauthorize it was as if I started from scratch. Everything had to be set back up.

Also my odrive account is linked to the google password I changed. This was not just one of the cloud providers linked to my odrive, it was the google account odrive uses for authentication.

hi @eprisencc,
The behavior described is not expected. I am trying to repro now, but am unable to so far.

You said “when I logged back into my computer”. How much time elapsed between changing the password and doing that?
Was the computer shutdown, logged out, or just locked?
Is this Win 10?

Can you double-check that you don’t have an “odrivebackup-00-00-0000” type folder in your user home directory for me?


Well I have odrive installed on two different computers and I had to reauthorize odrive on both. After reauthorization both computers had to be set back up from scratch. I am not certain of the steps but I am certain all of this happened after I changed the password for my google account which is the account odrive uses to authenticate my odrive account.

Well I am not sure I logged back in. On my desktop I think I just got a prompt pop up saying I needed to reauthorize odrive. I may have logged back into Windows on my laptop but regardless, I still got the same outcome.

Time elapse? I do not know really. Maybe 5 or so minutes after changing my google password did I notice I needed to log back into odrive.

Home directory? Are you talking about %userprofile%? Well I check that directory and there is no file or folder with the name you indicated (I also checked hidden files as well).

Thanks for the info. We’ve been trying to reproduce this without success. Is this a consumer google account or a google apps account? Are you using 2 factor auth?

The closest I got was removing all odrive authorized access from the authorizing google account. odrive will ask for reauthorization, but then it continues on normally without losing any settings.

It is a google apps account and I have two factor authentication turned on.

Thanks @eprisencc, We have conducted further investigation around the described scenario with/without two factor authentication and it looks like in all known cases when user changes his / her Google password (signed-up with odrive; also having Google link) odrive doesn’t prompt user to re-authorize the link or re-login to the app since link/app session remains unaffected technically.

Yes, if odrive is removed from authorized apps in Google ( ), odrive asks user to re-authorize the Google link but it won’t affect user settings, app settings, pro sync folders, encryption folders, spaces, odrive folder location or etc…

We’ll continue our hunt to isolate this problem, Please let us know if you have any questions.