Problem with 4Shared account and webdav protocol, unable to download or synchronize

Hello, I would like to inform you that since 09/19/2023 there have been problems with 4Shared accounts. I have several, created on different dates, and they all stopped working, giving me the error “Cannot browse 4shared. File or Folder does not exist on the WebDAV server.” directly from the oDrive website. Accounts work normally on the 4Shared site. I also tried on several PCs, and oDrive is updated to the latest version available. I also have Yandex account, webdav works there. What can be done to resolve the situation? Thank you

Hi @leon_2,
It sounds like 4Shared has an issue with their WebDAV interface. Unfortunately there isn’t much we can do on our side if they are having issues.

Have you reached out to them?

Hi Tony, I’ll update you with the latest developments:

Last night the problem seemed to be solved, as oDrive uploaded some files to 4Shared, but now it won’t allow me to synchronize other data or download the files, saying that my credentials are wrong.
From the oDrive website, when I try to access 4Shared I get the error “Cannot access 4shared. Your 4shared link credentials are not valid.”.

The problem is that the credentials are correct, and from the 4Shared site I log in without problems.

Plus, curiously I can desynchronize files from the oDrive folder.

To resolve this, I tried to edit my account and re-enter the data, but oDrive tells me that the credentials are not correct.

Lastly, I also tried to see if 4Shared had any particular password system for third-party apps (like Yandex), but I didn’t find anything like that among the options.

Do you still recommend contacting 4Shared support? Because now the problem has changed, and maybe it is easier to solve it.

Thank you

Hi @leon_2,
Our WebDAV integration hasn’t changed anything dealing with standard functionality (login or basic operations) for quite a while. We also know that it is working correctly for many other providers, so I think reaching out to 4Shared would be a good next step.

Additionally, you can also try using another WebDAV client with your account (like Cyberduck), just to see if you are experiencing the same issues, or if it is working without problems. That can help to narrow down things.

So Tony, 4Shared support is ghosting me, and the problem now remains that oDrive tells me that my 4Shared account credentials are incorrect. I don’t have the knowledge to use cyberduck, I can only tell you that I encounter this problem on different PCs, on different internet lines. Can you confirm that today it is possible to add new 4Share accounts with oDrive, without this error appearing?
Now I unlinked an account, and when I re-add it it still tells me the credentials are incorrect.
The problem seems to be the login, except that with the same credentials I easily enter my 4Shared account. I also tried changing my password.

Tony, you are my only hope. How can we resolve the situation?

Hi @leon_2,
I debugged through the login process and 4Shared is returning a 401 response when trying to authenticate.

My guess is that it is related to this: Bumblebee malware returns in new attacks abusing WebDAV folders - RedPacket Security

There is a malware attack that is abusing WebDAV to make it easier to load malware onto a victim’s machine. It doesn’t sound like an exploit or vulnerability of WebDAV, but because of the way Windows allows WebDAV to be mounted via Explorer, WebDAV is being used to distribute malware, once a user is tricked by a malicious e-mail and 4Shared was offering a way to do that via their free accounts.

4Shared probably disabled WebDAV access due to this.

Ok, so it depends on 4shared. I hope this situation will be resolved, in the meantime thank you for clearing up my doubt

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