Problem with 0-byte files not syncing but getting locked forever

I’m experiencing a problem with 0-byte files not syncing.

To reproduce it:

  • Go into an odrive-synced folder in Windows Explorer
  • Right-click, New->Text Document
  • “New Text Document.txt” appears in the folder, with a box to rename it
  • If odrive starts syncing the file before you complete the rename, you can’t rename it as it is now locked
  • odrive gets stuck syncing and it appears in the Syncing part of odrive’s icon’s menu
  • You can’t delete the file as it is locked
  • Right-click the file and select ‘Stop’ does nothing

You have to exit odrive altogether and rename/delete the file.

Thanks for the report. What kind of link is the folder?

Some source APIs do not support 0 byte files. They expect something to be uploaded, which will block processing if not properly countered. Once we know what you are linked to, we can validate the code to make sure 0 byte files are correctly handled; or rule it out and look for another cause.

It’s Dropbox. Just so you know this works OK with the actual Dropbox app installed on Windows.


This is a bug. The next update will fix it.

Excellent, thanks! Any ETA for that?

I am archiving several large project folders to dropbox using the odrive app. I have folders with many subfolders that contain lots of different file types. I found that several folders were not able to completely sync. When looked down through the tree, I found files that had a size of 0k that were the problem. Only way to deal with it was to close odrive and search for the files by size:empty - delete then restart odrive

We are looking at the problem today. I don’t have an ETA but we should have it fixed by the end of the week. We will update this thread when it’s available.

Edit: This has been fixed

Any updates on this issue? I haven’t been able to backup my files nor sync with other device for 4 months, apparently due to this issue. Thanks,

Hi @yannpiot,
The issue reported here was fixed back in 2016. Can you send a diagnostic from the odrive menu and then give me a few paths where you see this happening?

Are you seeing this across all types of storage, or only one specific type?