Problem signing in with OneDrive for Business

The first time i tried to sign in with OneDrive for business, Sharepoint checked if it was Ok to give you access, and the I came to, not signed in. Trying again, there’e a 10 second wait and then back to Checking my sharepoint account I see that odrive is a trusted app, but I’m not yet signed in on

Hi @cmy,
Can you try logging in again and then let me know what time it was attempted? I can try to have our operations team take a look at the logs to see what might be happening here.

Thanks for the reply, Tony. Tried to sign in just now (17:20 CET). Sharepoint account is

Hi @cmy,
Can you try again? Unfortunately this may take some back and forth to try to pinpoint the problem.

Tried it once more, 17:34

Now I got a verification form and email. Looks promising :slight_smile:

I’m a longtime user of odrive and Google disk, now on to check it with Sharepoint :wink:

Hi @cmy,
So you were able to get in?

Keep in mind that if you already have an odrive account, you can use the same one and link your OneDriveForBusiness storage to that, unless you want to keep them separate.

Another thing to note is that our OneDriveForBusiness integration is not able to access Sharepoint libraries, currently. Hopefully that will not be an issue for you.

Something’s amiss, I’m sent to when I try to link storage, but our sharepoint is at

Aah, saw your reply after writing mine. Document libraries is my use case, well well, we’ll just have to stick with the OneDrive client for the time being, I guess.

Hi @cmy,
Yeah, sorry about that. It is something we’ve been meaning to revisit. I will ping the product team about that again, to see if it can be given priority sometime soon.

No problem :slight_smile: One thing you may want to avoid is what we and other Sharepoint users have experienced occasionally - that deleted directories or files reappear.:

  • User A deletes a folder structure (in Sharepoint or from the synced folder, it does not matter)
  • Two days later, user B logs on with the OneDrive client, and all of a sudden the folder structure is back, changed date today and changed by User B.
    cheers, christian
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I’ll make a note of it!