Problem Deauthorizing User on My Computer


I am trying out Odrive and now free account user with email
I had a trouble of syncing between Google Drive and local folder.
Then I tried to restart the process: delete my account, then register again with same Google account.
Turned out I can’t deauthorize user on my computer. Everytime I launch Odrive app, it logs out my account and prompt me to login again.
When I log in again, then Odrive web tells me that the account was that used to register is different than the one I try to log in with.
I also tried to register with new Google account, but it always come to error in deauthorize user on my computer.
Please assist with this problem.
P.s.: I am using MacBook Pro mid-2010
Thank you.

Farry Aprianto

Hi @farry.aprianto,
This certainly sounds strange. The quickest way to address this might be to just perform a full uninstall and then reinstall, to ensure you are starting fresh.

If you have any issues after this, please let me know.