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[Request Features] Force sync

  • add Force sync to bypass sync queue and sync 1st priority
  • logs file to view queue and synced



+1 for Logging and prioritySync

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+1 for Logging and prioritySync/force sync

Bumping this for justice. It’s very annoying that this doesn’t exist yet.

Just to make sure we are saying the same thing, I take “sync 1st priority” to mean a folder (and likely subfolders) that should always be checked and synced before others. E.g., my work folder so when I leave my desktop for a meeting, I don’t see an older version still on my laptop and check odrive only to see it syncing pictures or something. This would be a great feature.

I take “Force sync” to mean, say when I get to that meeting and have to live without the file I was just working on or cause a sync conflict, that I can “Force sync,” which will suspend the current file being synced and sync my file immediately, and then resume the previous list. This also is a much-needed feature.

Log files might be nice, but I tend to rarely go to them, so I personally would prioritize the other two much higher:

  1. Force sync selected file(s) (or folders).
  2. Sync priority for specific folders or files

40.Log files