Prevent Manual Unsync of Folder From Within Folder

I use odrive on Windows 8.1 and periodically I go through and manually unsync files I don’t currently need to free up space. A couple of times now, I’ve right-clicked on a folder in an Explorer window and clicked Unsync - only Windows apparently thought I missed the folder and right-clicked on the background of the Explorer window. The “Unsync” context menu option doesn’t name the folder that will be unsynced and there is no confirmation dialog, so I didn’t realize until it was too late and the parent folder of the one I wanted to unsync got unsync’d instead.

This doesn’t happen often, but it’s extremely aggravating. Just now it happened with a folder immediately under my Amazon Cloud Drive folder, meaning I accidentally unsynced my entire Amazon Cloud Drive and will be re-downloading the stuff I do need for hours.

I may be overestimating how representative my workflow is, but every time I’ve unsynced a folder from within that folder it’s been a mistake as described above. Given how easy it is to accidentally right-click on the background of an Explorer window (a much bigger target than any individual file or folder) the fact that this works just like other unsyncs without any warning or confirmation seems unnecessarily risky.

If feasible, I’d like to see unsync not be an option for the folder you’re currently inside of. Or at least I’d like the name of the folder to be listed by the Unsync command. Or at least a confirmation dialog when you’re unsyncing a directory with subdirectories, that says the name of the directory you’re unsyncing.

Hi @dan.urman,
Thanks for the copious details on this. I can understand the frustration.

I’ve notified the product team of your request. Having a confirmation for a folder makes sense, although there will probably be folks who don’t like it. Maybe we can have it as an advanced option to enable.