Prevent files/folders from uploading

In my odrive folder > Google Drive I want to have files on my local drive but not synchronized on Google Drive, can I do that?


Hi @jlmarin,
Can you clarify the behavior you are looking for? Is it correct that you want to have files within the odrive folder, but not have them upload to Google?

Can you tell me a bit about your use case and why you need this type of behavior?

We do have custom exclusions that can be used to basically make odrive ignore files and folders.

You could use this to specify what you want to be ignored by odrive.

The use I give to odrive is to be able to have synchronized the folders with the work data of the clients in all the computers, laptops and smartphones. In these folders there are normally files such as reports, excels… but there are also folders with backups that are too big and I am not interested in uploading them to Google drive but I am interested in keeping them on my desktop and in the corresponding client folder.

Sorry for my bad english. :frowning:

Hi @jlmarin,
I think the custom exclusions will work for you here. The configurations are in simple text files and can be changed on-the-fly. Here is some additional information about this:

Using this same method, you can actually do this very easily by adding a ~ character to the beginning of a file or folder to have odrive ignore it, since a ~ is a prefix that is ignored by default.

For example, let’s say you have a file named MyLargeBackupFile.bakup that you want odrive to ignore. This can be done in one of the following ways within the odrive_user_premium_conf.txt file (you only need to use one of the examples):

  1. "blackListContains": [ "LargeBackup" ],
  2. "blackListExtensions": [ ".backup", 
  3. "blackListNames": [ "MyLargeBackupFile.bakup", 
  4. "blackListPrefixes": [ "MyLarge", 
  5. Change the name of the file from MyLargeBackupFile.bakup to ~MyLargeBackupFile.bakup

Does that sounds like it would work for your use case?

Just let me know if you need any additional information or assistance.