Preserve "Last Modified" during import to Google Drive

We need to preserve the original Windows Last Modified timestamp when importing HR files into Google Drive.

  • Is it possible with odrive to append that date to the filename during import so that “Filename.doc” becomes “Filename-2014-01-04.doc”?


  • Can we save the Windows file’s Last Modified timestamp to the file’s Description field in Google Drive so it’s preserved?

Note: we do not need to sync back to Windows - this is strictly an import and retire operation.

Hi @idean,
odrive should already be preserving date modified when uploading to Google Drive. Are you not seeing this in your usage?

It does, but we have another layer on top (AODocs) which immediately touches the file to add its own metadata, causing us to lose that stamp immediately. Admittedly, it’s not Google’s or Odrive’s fault, but yet it’s a problem I’ve been asked to solve.

Hi @idean,
There isn’t any mechanism to do this via odrive, but you could probably script something up to go through your data set and append the modtime to the name before having odrive try to upload it.