Preserve file modification times on Pro sync to OneDrive

I don’t know if this is a limitation of the OneDrive API or not, but it would certainly be useful to preserve file modification times for files and folders uploaded via the Pro Sync feature. The native OneDrive client maintains correct times as do the OneDrive web upload and mapping OneDrive as a networked drive under Windows. Odrive sets the creation and modification times to when the upload occurred. It does not matter how files are viewed - through OneDrive locally or over the web or using odrive’s web UI. File times are incorrect.


This was a limitation of the API (and still is in certain ops), but they have made recent additions that may allow it to be patched in on an existing object. I have logged the item for follow-up, although I can’t say if/when it will be done.

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Is this still a limitation?

Yep, still a bug in odrive and it’s implementation of onedrive.

Promise of this being fixed in an upcoming beta, but can’t find concrete info on when the beta will be finalised, whether it will be available to the public, and how long it typically takes for beta to be promoted to production

See below:


Hi @Chris.D and @jtee,
The issues we saw with the secondary patching of the modtime was actually an issue that OneDrive had, which is why we had to remove it at the time. What we were seeing is that the second command to patch in the time was failing at a high rate, presumably due to eventual consistency.

I have this as an item to revisit, when time permits.