Possible dot folder / file issue occurring after latest Windows client update (v6709)

After the latest update to v6709 I am seeing some strange behaviour syncing dot files / folders with OneDrive.

The folders / files were already synced before the update but since this happend the names are being changed, so:



. metadata. log

The folders / files have the correct names in OneDrive but are incorrect on the clients - ODrive then tries to sync the changed files causing sync issues, with ODrive reporting ‘not allowed’ files.

Could this be investigated?

Hi @dazjjackson,
Can you send over a diagnostic from the odrive tray menu and I’ll investigate? Just ping me when you are able to.

Hi @Tony,

Diagnostic file has been sent, I tried to recreate the issue for you before sending it but it doesn’t look like the issue was logged, however here is the behaviour

OneDrive output

ODrive file

Didn’t get the sync error this time but there is something wrong with how the file is being interpreted.

Hi @dazjjackson,
Thanks for the swift response!

I see the issue. As part of our new illegal character substitution handling we are replacing leading and trailing periods and spaces, but we don’t actually need to replace leading periods.

I’ll work on getting a test build today. Would you be willing to give it a shot once it is available?

Hi @Tony,

Sure, happy to help test if it gets the issue resolved.

Hi @dazjjackson,
Can you give this version a shot when you get a chance? Edited: the official release has the fix

Hi @Tony,
Sorry for the delay, I’ve done a quick test this morning on one machine and it looks like it resolves the issue in my earlier screenshot, the filename has now been corrected to remove the space on the client.
I will do some more testing later though as this specific test was done with the files created in onedrive - I have a whole directory structure of these types of files and I have a feeling that if new files were created through the ODrive sync it was adding the space so the files were the same but incorrect in onedrive too.

I’ll get back to you later today.

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Hi @Tony,

New build applied to all machines and confirmed working correctly. I assume ODrive was keeping some sort of internal map of the filenames as I was worried that the original names were lost forever but they seem to have been correctly put back to what they should have been.

Thankfully I had a backup anyway if this wasn’t the case.

Impressive support btw - 3-4 hours from logging the issue to having a new build, much appreciated especially on a Saturday :smile:

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Great! Thanks for confirming @dazjjackson.

My apologies for the inconvenience on this. We’ll try to get this rolled out to everyone in the next few days.