"Please check your network connection or manage your proxy settings" when I try to unsync or sync anything

(Windows 10, odrive version “prod 6484”.) I have restarted my machine with no change. I don’t seem to have any other network issues. The files are in a google drive account if that makes a difference.

I saw some older threads that mention this error, but non seemed to completely apply or have a solution.


When trying to go to “Manage Storage” I get “Unable to manage storage.
Please check your network connection”

Hi @Zareaus,
Did this issue just start happening recently?
Can you send a diagnostic from the odrive menu? It may fail if there are networking issues, but you can attach the “current_odrive_status.txt” file that is also generated in the root of the odrive folder.

I notice it start today. I know things were syncing fine on Friday.

It says “Diagnostic report sent”.

Ps, My firewall is handled by a third party product, not windows. So if our IT made some change let me know so I can contact them to correct it.

Hi @Zareaus,
It looks like a DNS issue. For some reason www.odrive.com is resolving to the wrong IP on your network and hitting ibosscloud.com. Could this be linked to the third party firewall?

It doesn’t do it in the browser when I go to " www.odrive.com" (both chrome & edge)

“iboss” is one of the protection services we use, but it’s never been an issue before.

Is there anything I can do (or have IT do) to check/fix the DNS issue? (I have tried flushing my local DNS cache)

Hi @Zareaus,
I am not familiar with iboss, but it might be filtering based on application type (client/agent identification), call patterns, or something else.

odrive shouldn’t be caching any ips for very long, but you could try restarting odrive to see if it makes a difference. Otherwise I think you will need to speak to the IT team about it.