Please add an option to save sync state and to restore this sync state during an OS reinstall

I should be able to save the sync state including all pro sync folders path and directories as well as the folders in the odrive folder that is set to sync all and have them restored during an OS reinstall. Odrive should use universal/relative directories whenever possible (ie %appdata%, %userprofile%, etc) so the pro sync folders can be restored with ease. Basically odrive should add a save function and be able to save all the information about its current state (synced folders, unsynced folders, partially synced folders, pro sync folders) and for more than one computer (I use odrive on two computers) and we should be able to restore this state if something goes wrong with the computer or in the worse case scenario when we have to reinstall the OS.

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Thanks for the feedback. This is something we’ve discussed but we don’t have any solid plans for it at the moment.

In general, all of the configuration and sync state persistence is contained in the %userprofile%.odrive folder. This information coincides with the state in the working odrive folder (userprofile%\odrive by default). If you were to restore, you would really want to have a restore point that contains both of those. If you did, then restore should be possible as long as it wasn’t a full system wipe. On a full system wipe this won’t work because the persistence layer is encrypted and a new system will be unable to decrypt.

I can also see the benefit of backing up a configuration template, of sorts, that would setup odrive with any previously configured settings, minus the actual file/folder specific sync states.

So manually saving %userprofile%.odrive and restoring it to a reformatted system would not recover the previous sync state?

That is correct. It would not.


Resuscitating this old thread. Is there any update on this feature? The ability to save the current Pro sync locations would be helpful; creating an install template that could be used for installs on other machines would be better still. I’m not sure that the sync state would need to be maintained. An initial scan upon re-linking the local folders and their destinations should suffice.

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No update, but we understand the usefulness of this request.