Placeholder icon inconsistent

So. Very. Confused. Hopefully someone can help explain it to me.

I am new to oDrive, and thus far am liking the concept. However, I am questioning what is actually stored on my computer vs. what is not. Obviously I am trying to keep from having too many duplicate files stored on my computer, but I am hesitant to delete files stored, until I fully understand how oDrive works.

I have COPIED files in my iCloud and pasted them into oDrive (Amazon Cloud specifically) and those files appear to be in my Amazon Drive. I have verified they are there both in the oDrive web portal as well as Amazon’s web portal, so I am reasonably sure the files exist where I think they should exist. However, the “Documents” folder icon in Finder’s oDrive does NOT have the pink top. No folders within the “Documents” folder are pink (in the Amazon Cloud section). Any single files within the “Documents” folder have the “oDrive symbol on paper” icon and also show .cloud extension. Additionally, no folder shows a .cloudf extension.

This is inconsistent with what I was expecting and how my other two synced drives (Box and Dropbox) behave. In the case of Dropbox, most (not all) folders in Finder are pink tabbed AND have the .cloudf extension. Additionally, I have some folders in Box and Dropbox that do NOT have a pink tabbed, by folders within that same folder are pink tabbed.

Perhaps I am wrong, but I would expect that ALL synced BUT NOT STORED folders would be pink tabbed. All downloaded - i.e stored on the computer HDD - would NOT be pink tabbed. In my current case, regardless of the file extensions, some are pink tabbed, some are not.

The extension of .cloud or .cloudf leads me to believe that the file or folder is the placeholder (and not stored on the computer), but I cannot know for sure - at least visually.

Am I missing something, or have oDrive service completely wrong.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


Hi @neildishman,

Can you tell me what version of OS X you are running?
Would you also be able to provide some screenshots of what you are seeing? I just want to make sure I am clear on the situation.

For general info on placeholder files please take a look at this section of our usage guide:

The pink-tabbed folders folder icons are used for placeholder files that represent cloud folders (.cloudf extension). The file icons with the odrive symbol are placeholder files used to represent cloud files (.cloud extension).

When a file or folder is in sync, you will see a green checkmark badge on it.

When cloud folder placeholders (.cloudf) have been synced and expanded, they will turn into regular folders (no pink tab on the folder icon). These regular folders should be badged with a green checkmark once it is “in sync”

The same goes for clou file placeholders (.cloud). When you have chosen to sync a cloud file, the placeholder will be removed and the real file will take its place, once downloaded. It then should have a green badge. During transit you may see a pink badge on the placeholder file, as it is downloading.

Please let me know if this answers your questions.



Thanks for the reply. I have to be honest, this is the first time I am hear/understanding anything about a “green checkmark”. I have not seen that icon anywhere, ever (except in regards to other sync services, such as SugarSync).

I am attaching two pics that should show to what I am referring. My Amazon Cloud folder I have expanded a few folders to show what they look like all the way expanded. The Dropbox folder shows the pink tabs. In neither case are there any Green Checkmarks.

I am running macOS Sierra 10.12

What I am trying to accomplish is being able to keep files in Cloud storage, but not have those files (unless I unSync them) stored on my MacBook Pro (to save space).

A third image is attached to show the current oDrive operation (nothing).

You also seem to infer that a pink badge references files that are in “transit”. Currently, my oDrive icon is not pink/moving, it is black, making me believe that everything is complete.


Hope this helps you help me!

You should definitely be seeing the badging.

Can you take a look at System Preferences -> Extensions and see if odrive is listed under “Finder”. If so, please make sure it is checked. If it is already checked, toggle it. This is what should be providing the icons.

Do you have right-click odrive menus when you right-click on an odrive file or folder?

System Preferences/Extension was checked. As requested, toggled the box.

Yes - any file or folder I right-click, does bring up, among other options, the ability to “Sync to oDrive”. Items specifically in the oDrive area of Finder, also have extensive oDrive options. The only thing that appears to be off a bit, is the badging. And, again, have never seen any green check mark.

Hi @neildishman,
When you were looking at the extensions, did you see any other extensions listed/loaded? If so, can you temporarily disable those to see if it makes any difference?

If you haven’t tried already, please also switch the file listing view to a couple others (icon view and details view).

Can you also send a diagnostic from the odrive tray menu?