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Hello everyone, I have a problem and I need help, and sorry for the English but I am using Google Translate for not speaking and writing in English.

In my Google Drive have several files in FOLDER shared where users create files and they can change and even delete and this works well.

It happens that the ODRIVE I can move the place file, I can also rename the file and even delete, but the curious thing is that it does NOT update to Google Drive, or better, Google Drive it renames yes, moves also, however keep a copy of the file in the original location.

I noticed that the files that changed and moved on ODRIVE it is in the Trash awaiting deletion, however to send delete it reports that I have no permission.

To solve this, I have to go to Google Drive and make the deletion of the files manually.

Another thing I noticed is that it is not often that this happens, no matter what User is the owner of the file, there are moments that Odrive renames and or move of place and even updates on Google Drive, and there are times when it makes perfect the process and keep a copy in the trash and not let me delete for lack of permission and keeps a copy of the file in its original location.

Can you tell me how can I solve this problem?

Hi @administrador,
I think the behavior you are seeing is expected. Google Drive won’t allow a delete of a file unless you are the owner. Moves (metadata changes) are allowed if you can edit the file, which is why moves are seen working. The behavior that you are using in Google Drive’s webclient is “removing” the file from your “Shared With Me” view, and not an actual delete.

Sometimes odrive is not able to optimize for a move and you will see the old location picked up as a delete. Currently there is no differentiation between delete of an owned object and “removal” of a shared object. It may be possible for us to do, and I have created a dev ticket to investigate.

Currently, if you want to “remove” and objects from a “Shared With Me” folder, you will need to do so from the Google Drive webclient.


Thanks for the quick response, and thank you if you can investigate because my intention is to ODRIVE use it to do the same things I could do using Google Drive.

Remembering only that all folders in Google Drive are with permission for ALL can make any kind of change.

Thank you

And once again I’m sorry the English’m using google translator, I hope you are understanding.

Hi @administrador,
Just to be clear, currently deletes will not work if you do not own the file. We have this set for further review to see if we can improve this behavior, but it is likely not to be done for a while.

For now, if you want to remove items from your “Shared With Me” folder, you will need to use the Google Drive web client.


I understood thanks, but also inform you that I am not excluding the document, and I’m just renaming or modendo place the file.

Most renames should be detected just fine and sync, as expected, without an additional delete. Are you often seeing that this is not the case?

If so, can you reproduce the issue and send a diagnostic from the odrive tray menu?


We are beginning to understand us, because my problem is this, there are moments that do rename or change the place file by ODRIVE and it makes the change without problems including Google Drive, and at another time do the same procedure he makes changes in ODRIVE but does not in Google Drive, and ODRIVE the changed files are pending deletion from the Recycle Bin, the next Friday will simulate the problem and send you evidence.
Thanks Tony

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