Permanent stop automatic sync

I’m relatively new to odrive and I may not understand how everything is working but I try to explain my use case and question:
I want to use odrive to easily manage my cloud services where I manually backup folders and files from my local drives or external ones. So when I copy files to one of the odrive-folders the files get copied to the cloud service.
But then I’ve seen that some time after that the service called “automatic sync” starts. What is it doing exactly? Is it copying the uploaded files again back to my local drive, so I have them twice and twice the space used?
I decided to stop this automatic sync, but after every new start I need to stop it again. So is there an option to permanently stop it? Or am I misunderstanding the whole thing? Btw. I’m using the free version at the moment.

Thanks for help!

Are you copying the files to your cloud using odrive? Or are you using the native sync clients to upload?

Hi peter,
I’m copying the files to the cloud using the odrive-folder. I thought I would directly copy them to the cloud drives using the odrive-folders but I assume it’s just a local copy which gets uploaded afterwards?

Hi @zymbo,

Yes, when user place files into odrive folder then odrive app kicks off the upload of those files from local machine to your respective cloud service. You can see the progress of file transmission in odrive tray-menu under “Ready to sync new changes / Syncing changes”.

  • Generally, spinning infinity tray icon can also be due to scanning changes either in local folder or remote folder (cloud service) to keep the latest changes.

  • If you are running odrive and native clients side by side, Please take a look at following post:

Please let us know if you have any further questions