Peculiar behavior on MacOS 13.2.1: odrive launches, folder exists, but can't sign in to odrive so nothing syncs

Recently upgraded a Macbook from MacOS13.something to the newest MacOS13.2.1. Since then, odrive has not been syncing. When I click the odrive menuextra, I see that my account is an “authorized user” but I’m not logged in. When I click login, nothing happens. When I sign in to odrive in Chrome (my default browser), the odrive app is still not syncing. When i close the odrive app, mv ~/.odrive{,.bak} so that my account’s hidden .odrive settings folder is removed (forcing recreation on relaunch of the app), then relaunch the odrive app, I see that “odrive is not activated”, and when I click “Sign in” I still am not prompted to sign in.

I’ve checked Mac “Privacy and Security” settings and do not see anything blocked (anywhere odrive is listed, permissions are “granted”).

What am I missing?

Thank you,

Hi @mikep345678,
We haven’t seen any reports come in about 13.2.1 and our in-house testing hasn’t shown any issues.

Can you please send a diagnostic from your odrive tray menu and we can take a look at what might be going on?

not-terribly-helpful odrive diag:

cat current_odrive_status.txt
odrive Status
buildNumber: 7334
product: prod
downloadThreshold: Never download
unsyncThreshold: -1
autoTrashThreshold: -1
xlFileThreshold: never
downloadThrottlingThreshold: unlimited
uploadThrottlingThreshold: normal
odriveFolder: /Users/mpullen/odrive
LocalEventsEnabled: False
RemoteEventsEnabled: False
LocalScanEnabled: False
RemoteScanEnabled: False



Names: com9, com8, lpt8, lpt9, com1, lpt5, com3, com2, com5, com4, icon/r, com6, $extend, nul, current_odrive_status.txt, $badclus, $upcase, $objld, .fcpcache, prn, $mftmirr, .odrive, lpt4, $attrdef, .localized, aux, thumbs.db:encryptable, $volume, lpt7, lpt2, thumbs.db, odrive_user_general_conf.txt, $logfile, lpt1, $boot, $reparse, com7, .ds_store, $secure, icon, lpt3, $bitmap, icon, $mft, odrive_user_premium_conf.txt, .oxygenreserved, .dropbox, $quota, lpt6, desktop.ini, System Volume Information, .lock, .oxygenmeta, con
Prefixes: thumbs.db, .lock, ~, .~, ._
Extensions: .dwl2, .m~, .crdownload, .vpsh, .tmp, .download, .lrprev, .dwl

Queued folder refreshes (0):

Trash (0):

Not allowed (0):

Waiting (0):

Active (0):

Uploads (0):

Downloads (0):

Sync folders (0):

Folder sync rules (0):

Recently added to remote (0):```

Hey @mikep345678,
When you click on “Sign In”, a browser window is supposed to pop-up. It is extremely rare to see, but sometimes the internal MacOS mechanism to do this stops working, so the call we make to the OS doesn’t work anymore.

Try openings up a terminal window, copy and paste this command in, and hit enter:
echo 'open location ""' | osascript

Does that open up a web browser? This is essentially what our app is trying to do.

Here’s what I’m seeing when attempting to manualy it:

echo 'open location ""' | osascript
osascript: can't open default scripting component.

But-- I just did another reboot, and, now things are working. Not sure why it wasn’t before, but-- mark this one “resolved by reboot”.


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Definitely strange, but 'm glad it was resolved! Thanks for the update.