Peculiar behavior on MacOS 13.2.1: odrive launches, folder exists, but can't sign in to odrive so nothing syncs

Recently upgraded a Macbook from MacOS13.something to the newest MacOS13.2.1. Since then, odrive has not been syncing. When I click the odrive menuextra, I see that my account is an “authorized user” but I’m not logged in. When I click login, nothing happens. When I sign in to odrive in Chrome (my default browser), the odrive app is still not syncing. When i close the odrive app, mv ~/.odrive{,.bak} so that my account’s hidden .odrive settings folder is removed (forcing recreation on relaunch of the app), then relaunch the odrive app, I see that “odrive is not activated”, and when I click “Sign in” I still am not prompted to sign in.

I’ve checked Mac “Privacy and Security” settings and do not see anything blocked (anywhere odrive is listed, permissions are “granted”).

What am I missing?

Thank you,

Hi @mikep345678,
We haven’t seen any reports come in about 13.2.1 and our in-house testing hasn’t shown any issues.

Can you please send a diagnostic from your odrive tray menu and we can take a look at what might be going on?

not-terribly-helpful odrive diag:

cat current_odrive_status.txt
odrive Status
buildNumber: 7334
product: prod
downloadThreshold: Never download
unsyncThreshold: -1
autoTrashThreshold: -1
xlFileThreshold: never
downloadThrottlingThreshold: unlimited
uploadThrottlingThreshold: normal
odriveFolder: /Users/mpullen/odrive
LocalEventsEnabled: False
RemoteEventsEnabled: False
LocalScanEnabled: False
RemoteScanEnabled: False



Names: com9, com8, lpt8, lpt9, com1, lpt5, com3, com2, com5, com4, icon/r, com6, $extend, nul, current_odrive_status.txt, $badclus, $upcase, $objld, .fcpcache, prn, $mftmirr, .odrive, lpt4, $attrdef, .localized, aux, thumbs.db:encryptable, $volume, lpt7, lpt2, thumbs.db, odrive_user_general_conf.txt, $logfile, lpt1, $boot, $reparse, com7, .ds_store, $secure, icon, lpt3, $bitmap, icon, $mft, odrive_user_premium_conf.txt, .oxygenreserved, .dropbox, $quota, lpt6, desktop.ini, System Volume Information, .lock, .oxygenmeta, con
Prefixes: thumbs.db, .lock, ~, .~, ._
Extensions: .dwl2, .m~, .crdownload, .vpsh, .tmp, .download, .lrprev, .dwl

Queued folder refreshes (0):

Trash (0):

Not allowed (0):

Waiting (0):

Active (0):

Uploads (0):

Downloads (0):

Sync folders (0):

Folder sync rules (0):

Recently added to remote (0):```

Hey @mikep345678,
When you click on “Sign In”, a browser window is supposed to pop-up. It is extremely rare to see, but sometimes the internal MacOS mechanism to do this stops working, so the call we make to the OS doesn’t work anymore.

Try opening up a terminal window, copy and paste this command in, and hit enter:
echo 'open location ""' | osascript

Does that open up a web browser? This is essentially what our app is trying to do.

Here’s what I’m seeing when attempting to manualy it:

echo 'open location ""' | osascript
osascript: can't open default scripting component.

But-- I just did another reboot, and, now things are working. Not sure why it wasn’t before, but-- mark this one “resolved by reboot”.


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Definitely strange, but 'm glad it was resolved! Thanks for the update.

I just ran into this and tracked down a post over at the apple forums that helped me debug it. Basically, there is corrupted applescript component somewhere in the system that messes things up. You can figure out which component it is by running

sudo fs_usage -w -f filesys osascript 

in a terminal. It will just sit there, waiting for something to run osascript. So, open a new terminal and run the test applescript you mentioned above:

echo 'open location ""' | osascript

Now look at the first window and see if any components are mentioned in the log spew. In my case, a component at

~/Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/Components/Guitar Rig 5.component 

seemed to be causing problems. So I deleted it, retried the command to open the odrive website, and it worked. Then I launched odrive itself, and was able to sign in. Problem actually solved!

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Thanks @jerimiah797!

This will be very helpful for anyone else who may run into this.