PCLOUD - WebDAV problem with authentication

I’ve entered the title as PCloud, the server as https://webdav.pcloud.com and my credentials. I get back “Invalid login credentials. Please try again.” I know my credentials are fine, because I have logged into pcloud.com just fine several times while trying to get the WebDAV connection to work. I’ve tried it with “REQUIRE VALID SSL CERTIFICATE” both checked and unchecked. After clicking “LINK” many times, it says “Cannot connect to WebDAV server to validate your credentials. You may still be able to connect. Do you want to continue?” I click “Continue anyway” and it links. When I try the link in Odrive.com, it says “Cannot access PCloud. Your PCloud credentials are not valid.” I’ve logged into their site directly many times while trying to get the Odrive link to work. I also went directly to https://webdav.pcloud.com and my credentials were rejected. My only thought is that my email ID domain contains a hypen (mail-xpress.com), which has been rejected twice in several years.

Hi @richard1,
There are a couple of things to keep in mind for pCloud:

  1. Free pCloud accounts no longer support WebDAV
  2. pCloud’s WebDAV does not support 2-factor authentication

Do either of these affect your account?

I have a free Pcloud account, and that would explain my inability to connect thru Odrive.

But it does raise a question - why can Multcloud do it while Odrive cannot? Multcloud accesses more services directly that Odrive does not. This would include the ones I am familiar with, Mega.nz and Google Photos.

Hi @richard1,
It is likely free accounts would work if we implemented a new integration against pCloud’s API, but we have not done this yet.