Paypal for billing


Hi, since the billing mostly from credit card, please added paypal…, I always avoid to use credit card anymore… I can’t control my money financially and it always cause my life…, I really need pay in demand, sometimes I really dont have money anymore, perhap most american citizen will not have problem for this, but as someone who love so much what odrive did, I really hope can consider any other method for this billing for people like us…


Thanks for the suggestion!


please add paypal!!! I want to pay for this great service :frowning:


I would totally use this too. I’ve had my credit card info stolen too many times, and PayPal, since I can add multiple sources behind it, makes sure no payments get missed while I adjust things if/when this happens. (I believe this is the textbook definition of a win/win situation :slight_smile: )


any news about this or new payments methods?


Hi @wala.rsalas,
Nothing to report on this at the moment, but I know its being looked at as part of the new plans that will be offered with the next generation release.