Partially synced files

I have some large-ish files in Dropbox. When I tell odrive (on Windows) to sync them, it downloads only about 10%, and then decides it is done.

How can I get the whole file?

Hi @groeneveld,
So these are single-file downloads that are aborting during transfer?

Can you trigger the issue again and then send a diagnostic from the odrive menu please?

I have sent diagnostics.

I don’t know about re-triggering the issue. I hit “sync” again on those files, but it didn’t do anything because it thinks they are already synced. I can’t unsync because I didn’t pay. On the other hand, I haven’t restarted since the issue occurred, so if that sends all diagnostics to you, you should have what you need now.

Hi @dirkgr,
Can you tell me what the file name is? I haven’t seen a problem like you describe before, so it is definitely odd. It shouldn’t be possible for odrive to sync a file to only 10% of the size it is supposed to be and consider it done.

I have three files in the same folder, all with the same names.,, and They download to 54767 KB, 70047 KB, and 53599 KB respectively. When I copy them out of the odrive folder into the Desktop, that’s the size they have there. They do not unzip correctly.

I should add that downloading them from Dropbox directly works fine. The Win8.1 one comes back as 4.71 GB and opens up just fine.

Hi @dirkgr,
Would you be able to share one of these files in a Shared Space (, so I can test? I cannot reproduce this issue with my own data. If so, please invite tony at for the e-mail.


Extra characters to get over the length limit.

Hi @dirkgr,
I tested the IE6.XP zip on Mac, Windows, and from the odrive web interface on Chrome and each test was able to bring down the file properly.

Do you see the same issue if you download from the Space you created (it will be in the odrive/Spaces folder)?