Parent folder is presented as synchronized but subfolders are not synchronized

I’m uploading a 30Gb directory to amazon cloud drive, I copied the original directory from my backup HDD to odrive directory, I got the “synchronized” (blue with check) icon on the parent folder but all subfolders don’t have any icons and I’m pretty sure the files are not synchronized.

If I select the folder and use the sync option on right click menu (download everything, include subfolder and save & apply) nothing happens.

If I select the folder and click refresh on right click menu the folder goes to syncing status then goes back to synchronized.

I hope we have an easy fix to this issue, the main reason I upgraded odrive to the paid version is to avoid wasted time checking if all files were uploaded to amazon cloud.

Do I have access to the complete sync queue?

Thanks in advance.

updating this post:

the files were uploaded to ACD but the subfolders in local odrive don’t have the odrive reight-click menu available.

Can you please assist? Thanks in advance.

Right-click options are not available until the files have been synchronized. It sounds like files are stlll synchronizing. You can check sync progress by click on the odrive icon in the system menu (mac top right corner) or odrive tray icon (windows bottom right corner). Depending on your file structure, network, and computing power, it may take a while to synchronize your import.

The parent folder should NOT have a blue check mark until all the children are synchronized. I will make a note to investigate.


As I said in my update the files were already in ACD but not marked as synchronized in odrive.

I restarted odrive and they are presented as synchronized. This was indeed an odrive issue because I restarted windows before and the subfolders were still odd. I’m going to close this case.

Thank you.