Oxygen Cloud access issues

Most of the users in our account are experiencing issues with odrive and Oxygen Cloud, both the web client and the desktop sync on both a Mac and a PC. It seems as though odrive may be down or experiencing issues on your end? odrive.com is not allowing anybody to sign in. oxygencloud.com logs in but doesn’t show any folders and eventually gives a connection error. We are not having any internet issues, however.

Screen shots of the errors we are seeing::

Hi Miranda,
I spoke with Oxygen support and there was an intermittent issue that was being seen for some accounts within the last hour or so, although it should be all taken care of now. Are you still seeing issues?

Looks like everything is good. Thank you!

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Hi Tony,

We are having similar issues. Our company folders are stored on odrive/oxygen and they have gone missing. We are also unable to sync to oxygen properly.

Hi @agunther,
Have you contact the Oxygen Cloud support team yet? What are the errors you are seeing?

Yes the team has been contacted but they are unsure of the issue. Files and folders are disappearing without our control. Is there a number to call someone on?

Okay. They should be following-up and I will help them, if needed.