Outlook pst conflict

I opened my outlook and a file conflict with the .pst file was reported. A second file was created by outlook and Odrive sync’d that too. Now outlook can’t open the file. Is this a failure mode you’ve seen before? Is there a remedy?

Our strong recommendation is to not sync active pst files. Since a pst file is constantly changing, it will constantly be updating and then syncing, which can cause contention with odrive and outlook and possibly other unpredictable behavior.

If you want to backup pst files, it should be done as an archive backup, where you are not actively working on it and periodically copy it into odrive.

would you make the same recommendation for files like Quicken or QuickBooks? Can you list any other applications which might be troubled with odrive sync?

Generally any application file (meaning it is application data and not user-created content) that is utilized/changed heavily would be something to avoid. odrive is not meant to sync application data in real-time. If you want to use it this way you will want to either pause sync while working within the application, or periodically copy the application data into odrive for backup.

I suppose you can also use odrive agent to schedule running at certain periods of time, to control the sync process. This is a more advanced solution, though.