Orphan files being left after sync

Hi. I am having an issue with odrive and a remote FTP server. If I copy a folder into my local sync folder usually it gets synced to the server OK, but I get a lot of file with title similar to ._7e5a9e2c-e122-4dfe-b1f3-5e9bddcdbbaf being left behind after the sync is complete. Further manual sync’s will not remove them.

They vary in size so I guess that they are placeholder files you create while the local file is copying to the server.

Due to issues I reported earlier with FTP syncing I have configured this sync just to use 1 connection, even though the server will allow 4 concurrent connections. If I set it to 2 or more then I get the “Too Many Connections” error I reported and syncing halts

Hi @face,
For FTP, odrive will upload a file to a temporary name, and then rename it after upload completes. It is possible to have orphan files if the rename fails for some reason. The next time you see this happen I may be able to figure out why if you send along a diagnostic.