Original cloud service featurs maintained?

In various post it has been mentioned that the Odrive makes the most direct connection as possible and connects to the backend of the relevant cloud service. Does this mean that all the original features of the cloud service are maintained.e.g. Dropbox can block-level sync where only the changed parts of files are uploaded, Does Odrive maintain such features and do block level sync for Dropbox.

Thanks for some info.


odrive makes a direct connection (no gateways) to the source API. How this works relative to the native clients depends on the service API. For dropbox, a block-level integration API is not available. Do you have a use case that requires block-level sync?


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Yes, I prefer to use cloud services which do have block-level syncing for syncing my day-to day working files. It reduces bandwidth and is quicker. I have 3 excel files of about 100MB which get updated every day by about 100-200 kB. Syncing this via dropbox native client is quick and efficient. Also I have a picture catalogue file of about 1.2GB which every now and then get updated by about 5-10MB, and also every day I update about 150 text files by kB.

So yes I have many cases where I am just updating files. I have considered uninstalling the native dropbox client but I want to maintain the block level sync which is quick and offers versioning also. You mentioned that the Dropbox API does not support this so it looks like at the moment I need to maintain the native dropbox client.

Ideally I would like to only use Odrive as one sync client (although it is my main sync client), but that may not be possible if the APIs don’t provide all the features of the native client. I understand you are stuck with what API features you get offered so I supose there is not much you can do about it.

By the way, are there any cloud serice APIs which Odrive implements that support block-level sync and versioning. If yes that maybe an alternative.