Organization options for shared links

I have been using Odrive for several months now and I think it’s a brilliant product. I do have some ideas to improve its user experience.

The share links and files uploaded are displayed in an order I cannot really figure out except order of upload. I would love the option to organize these lists. I am quickly reaching a hundred or more share links and I would love a way to organize these by name, date uploaded, file size… etc.

The same option for would work for files inside the share links.

Another Idea is to be able to rename the share links to differentiate them from their folder name. I use a common folder structure for work and frequently share folders named “WIP” and “RAW” being able to apply a tag or new name would let me differentiate these.

These are the ideas I have seen that are pretty rudimentary and replicate many options inside other cloud services.

Thank you and I hope these can be implemented.


Good suggestions @conor. Thanks!

Hi Conor.

I strongly second your suggestions, as I am at 700+ folders of thousands of videos all backed up to ACD. My request for some sort order on the UI navigation lists has been pending since the product was released. Still is the best of breed for managing cloud sync, but this aspect of the UI has room for improvement.