Open google docs when offline

I seem to remember seeing somewhere that google docs can be opened within Chrome (when offline) after being synced. However, I can’t find the notes about how that is done.

I need to do this (primarily for google slide presentations). Is this possible, and if so, how?


odrive allows you to link up multiple Google Drive accounts and then sync whatever you want down to your Windows or Mac system. Once synced to the local system, your files will be available for offline use.

Accessing Google Doc files is going to be the exception here, though. Since those document are “cloud-only” there isn’t anything tangible to sync, aside from their stub representations. It is possible to cache your google documents using the Google Drive web interface, so that you can access your files offline within the browser, but doing this across multiple accounts is not going to work very well because of the way that Google Drive handles simultaneous multi-account authentication.

Your best bet for ensuring that you can achieve offline access for all of your documents across multiple accounts is to keep those documents in “standard file form” like docx, that can be saved to the physical disk as a file to be opened and edited. Then you can use odrive to link your multiple Google Drive accounts and make whatever you need available for offline use.