"online-only" like function

I have over 4 tb total stored in my multiple drive accounts. If I sync these with odrive it’ll obviously fill up my laptop. Dropbox, and even box have functions for “online only” which i assume make reference folders on my computer and only download the files when I need them.

Is there any way to do that with odrive? Or does it download all the files associated to all accounts listed as “sync” locally?

Hi @gvitale,
odrive starts off, by default, with all placeholder files (.cloud/.cloudf). Placeholder files are files that take up no space locally, but allow you to visualize what you have remotely. This means you can browse all of your remote storage without downloading anything, if you want. You can then selectively download the files you need, when you need them.

that sounds like great news.

Just to confirm, it’ll only download what i need when i need then once I close that file it’ll go back to a placeholder file? assuming i dont move it or whatever?

Hi @gvitale,
The files you have chosen to sync (download), will stay downloaded until they are unsynced (either manually or automatically).

You can learn more about placeholders here: https://docs.odrive.com/docs/sync-your-odrive#section--placeholder-folders-

You can learn more about unsync here: https://docs.odrive.com/docs/manage-disk-space#section-unsync-old-files

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