OneDrive uploads do not retain modified time/date

Hi Odrive!

I am considering purchasing a commercial version of odrive.

There is one considerable bug I encounter while populating my collection. I am using MS OneDrive.

  1. When the data is synced to the cloud, I invoke ODrive unsync.
  2. Then in odrive I sync these files and folders back.
  3. What happens after this: the re-synced files and folders are now having the current date and time. What is worse, this then propagates to the cloud, completely vanishing date and time of the files and folders stored in the cloud.

Could you answer whether this is an intended behavour? If not, could you clarify a roadmap into fixing this bug? It currently prevents me from going for commercial version, as I cannot ditch my files’ and especially folders’ dates.

Thanks in advance for an answer!

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I can clarify a bit more. When I’ve tried to sync using native OneDrive client, it turned out that it streams the “Created” date as now, but it keeps the “Modified” date as with original file. However, odrive, when being synced, does override both “Modified” and “Created” to now. I believe this behavior is not intended.

Hi @stockholm.void,
Unfortunately this is a limitation of the integration right now. We actually tried to add this in a while back (the mechanism to do it was to “patch” the time in after upload). Unfortunately there were side-effects to doing this, so it was removed.

We will be revisiting this, down the road with the next major release, but I don’t have a solid timeframe for this.


When you sync files to OneDrive with odrive, the date modified timestamp of files are not preserved. The date modified of every sync’ed file becomes the date/time of upload.

The same is not true using the native OneDrive application… The native OneDrive application (windows and mac) will sync files AND preserve date modified timestamps. So one must assume the preservation of timestamps is available in the OneDrive API?

Is there any timeframe when this feature will be built into odrive?

Seems like a fundamental feature for a sync tool, and can see it being a deal breaker for many others who are trying to use odrive with OneDrive!


Hi @jtee,
Take a look at the above post. Setting the modtime in OneDrive requires a secondary patch call and there were some issues with it. The next generation product, which is nearing beta stage will have this ability, however.