OneDrive Shared Folder Not Syncing properly

On my Onedrive account I have several shared folders. In Odrive rather than just showing them it adds a folder called “Shared With Me” and then in there are the folders, apart from it doesn’t use the names I gave the folders in OneDrive. Also it doesn’t sync them.

The OneDrive shared folders functionality is definitely lacking. The ability to sync Shared folders is something that we’ve tried to hack in, since it isn’t really officially supported by the OneDrive API yet. That being said, you should be able to see and download the items in the folder. Uploads are a no-go though.

Are you not able to see the contents properly or sync them down?

Hi the folder names don’t come down properly, i.e. Pictures-Adam is seen as Pictures with a sub folder of Camera Role. Looks all very confusing, however the big problem is I am trying to share with all members of the family their photos and then rename the photos to a universal name format, so it doesn’t work. The reason I was using Odrive is I can have it on a network drive were Onedrive won’t allow this.

Oh well

Hi @dennispa,
I would like to figure out what is going on here, since it seems like what you are attempting should be doable without a lot of hassle. There may also be a couple of ways to accomplish this, but I first want to get a clear picture of what you are seeing to figure out the root cause.

I think it would help to create a few screenshots that can show me what you are seeing on the odrive Desktop vs what you see on the OneDrive web client, highlighting the unexpected differences.

If you don’t want to post here you can hit me up directly on PM.


I have attached some pictures, Onedrive showing the actual folder structure and the Odrive showing how Odrive sees them.

I am limited to one 1 picture - will try to add them individually.

Let me know if yo need to know more.

second picture

another picture

the third onedrive picture

this is the last picture

Hi @dennispa,
Thanks. These are your own files that you are sharing out, correct? If so, I have tried to repro, but have been unable.

Can you provide a screenshot of what you see from the OneDrive web client ( and the odrive web client (

Hi no, these 3 folders are what is being shared by me. In effect my family each have a mobile phone which backs up to Onedrive and then they share with me so I can then rename them to a common format and then copy to my network drive.

Using odrive since the total size of Onedrive comes to 41gb which I don’t want on my harddrive and Onedrive doesn’t allow saving to a network drive like Odrive does.

next picture

and the last one

Thanks. I was not trying to reproduce this properly. I will try to carve out some time today to investigate. For the folders that are shared with you, do each have a “Camera Roll” folder inside of them? One the last image you posted, is there more in the “Shared With Me” folder, and does anything in there look like the folders that are shared with you that are missing from the desktop folder?


Hi - on onedrive there is no camera role folders,

So what I’m thinking is that your family members are backing up their phones, which may go to the “Camera Roll” folder on their own OneDrive accounts, by default. They then share that folder with you. That folder has been renamed to something else along the way, but maybe the new name is not being reflected, since it still exists as “Camera Roll” at the origin.

When you navigate to “Shared With Me” in the odrive web client ( you can see there are multiple “Camera Roll” folders in there. I am wondering if any of them correspond to the folders that have been shared with you by your family (or any other folders in that “Shared With Me” folder. You need to look at this from the odrive web client ( since the desktop client can’t represent folders with the same exact name within the file system.

I haven’t had a chance to try this myself, but it is just a possibility I was hoping you could look at.


your correct, each phone backs up to “Camera Roll” and when shared with me Onedrive renames to “photos from xxx” if I remember correctly. I did then rename the folder from my side.

Thanks. Were you able to take a look at the folders in “Shared With Me” on the odrive web client ( to see if the contents of any of those folders can be identified as the folders that were shared with you by your family?

In any case, since OneDrive’s sharing is not exposed optimally via their API, there are other ways to accomplish this. Have you taken a look at odrive Spaces yet? With odrive Spaces you can share storage at any level, so your relatives could share these folders out to you as odrive Spaces.

Yes the shared folders do actual contain the pictures, so that’s good it’s just the folder names are not what they are called in Onedrive but the original name of “Camera Role”, I have two with this name and one called “Pictures” with another folder in that called “Camera Role”. A assume it’s trying to use the original folder names but getting confused with them being the same, when it should use what Onedrive is calling them.