OneDrive personal and OneDrive Business

Is it possible to link 2 different OneDrive accounts? I would like to use my personal and my OneDrive for business as well.

The only thing I have seen is to be able authorize and deauthorize, which screws everything upo.


Hi @MuddyZUS,
Yes you can link both accounts.

Use this page to link your OneDrive for Business account:

Use this page to link your OneDrive personal account:

Doesnt seem to be working. When I am logged in as my business account, i try to link, but it doesnt give me a login for my personal, it just says “Authorize”

Then it fails because I am logged in with my business account on and not my personal.

Hi @MuddyZUS,
It may help to make sure you are logged out of any OneDrive accounts before you try to link. Take a look at this post for some logout links that may be of help:

If you are still having issues after that, can you please provide some screenshots of what you are seeing?