OneDrive for Business with GoDaddy as Reseller Not Linking

I have an Office365 subscription purchased through GoDaddy, which includes OneDrive for Business storage (which is really Sharepoint). These GoDaddy Office365 accounts are a special type of reseller account because when I go to standard MS Office365 login page, MS redirects me to a separate GoDaddy login page. I clicked the Link button on Odrive home page. I am redirected to the GoDaddy Office365 authentication page. Credentials are accepted, but the OneDrive folder does not then appear on my list of drives. Something is broken here. I verified that ODrive is authorized as an app on my Office365 admin panel, so that piece of the authentication worked. Link is not working with these reseller GoDaddy Office365 accounts. Please.

We have not tested against a Office 365 account via GoDaddy, but it is possible that the OAuth flow is different somehow.

Can you try linking again and then tell me the exact time that you did so? I want to see if anything shows up in the logs.

Do these accounts allow for 5 users, like typical Office 365 accounts? If so, you may be able to create one for me, temporarily, to test with.