OneDrive for Business throttling

I’m uploading a lot of files to One Drive for Business, but I don’t understand what Odrive is waiting for. Most of the time of says “ready to sync new changes”. Then all of a sudden it uploads 10 files. Then nothing again.

I’m on a cabled connection and I havn’t experienced any issues when syncing to my Dropbox.
I can see on my network monitoring that nothing is being uploaded when it just says “ready to sync new changes”.

As you can see there are plenty of files waiting:

Hi @mlynnerup,
OneDrive for Business has been aggressively throttling requests recently, which is probably why you are seeing this. odrive is attempting to upload, but being told it has to wait.

We have been working on techniques to mitigate this issue, and we released a version last week that should help, but it may take some time for Microsoft to re-assess our call patterns.

In the meantime it may just take a while for the uploads to complete during peak hours.

Hi Tony,

Thanks for a quick and helpful reply!

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Hi @Tony,

I have now uploaded all my files successfully - and unsynced most of them.
But every time I try to sync much more than two files at a time I get this message:


I guess this is because of the issue you mentioned above, but is there any fix on the way soon?
At the moment I’m stuck with using the OneDrive web interface.


Hi @mlynnerup,
Yes. I am still working with Microsoft on this. We have changed our call patterns for OneDrive for Business and greatly reduced the number of calls we make, but we are still hitting this issue.

I hope we can resolve it soon.

january 2020,
I am facing the same problem.
Please help.

Hi @r6han768,
Are you seeing the throttling message from a OneDrive for Business account?

We haven’t seen recent issues with them, although they do still impose strict throttling. Are you currently trying to perform bulk operations, like uploading or downloading lots of files/folders?

I am only uploading a lot of files in bulk at once.
Not downloading anything.
Like you said earlier, I have to wait for OneDrive to give permission to odrive to upload after it crosses the limit, and that is what I am doing, I left the computer on overnight and it uploaded the files.
So, I guess waiting is the only option, Also can you give me an insight as to how much can be uploaded on one go? Because I will know how much to upload without getting halted again by OneDrive. So? Yeah
Thank you

Hi @r6han768,

Microsoft hasn’t documented any specifics about their throttling practices, so I can’t say what the thresholds are. As you have seen, odrive will continue to try to upload and should eventually be able to get everything up … it may just take a while.

I am having issues. I just signed up for 1T but think I need to go back to Google photos. No waiting all the time with them. I did try though. For 3 days straight.

Hi @funfashionhouse,

  1. Can you tell me a little bit about the operations you are performing? This is for bulk upload?

  2. Can you also send over some logs and diagnostics so that I can take a closer look at the rate limiting you are seeing?

  • The “sync activity log” is located here:
    sync activity log

  • Once open (as main.log), please save it to your Desktop and then send it to me directly by clicking on my name and selecting “Message”.