OneDrive files not updated/synced

I’ve had no problems with OneDrive syncing, until recently (few weeks ago perhaps?).

PROBLEM: files stored in OneDrive are not being synced/updated by oDrive.

DIAGNOSIS: on the same computer, I set up the native OneDrive app, and let it sync all the files naturally (on a totally separate folder to oDrive’s “OneDrive”, of course).

I would change a file in the native OneDrive folder. That file will not be updated in oDrive’s “OneDrive” folder, no matter how long I wait (up to more than 24 hours).

OBSERVATIONS: if I were to unsync the file in oDrive, then it would immediately show the latest/correct version. Adding and renaming files work fine. It’s only problematic if the file’s contents are updated, and nothing else changes.


  • completely uninstalling and reinstalling oDrive’s desktop app
  • moving around the oDrive folder
  • unsync/resync
  • to always download/sync everything in the “sync” option
  • to totally isolate a single file i.e. in order to take network congestion out of play, I set up oDrive from scratch, and only have ONE single file sync, and yet when I change that file in OneDrive’s native app/folder, the oDrive version still wouldn’t sync/update, despite it being the only file in existence that oDrive has to handle

I’ve been using oDrive for almost 2 years now I believe, have never had this problem until recently.

Help please, thanks!

EDIT: upon further investigation, I think it might have to do with permissions. I noticed only one of my two OneDrive account is problematic; the other OneDrive account syncs just fine.

When I link the problematic OneDrive in oDrive’s website portal, the “Account name” is showing as “OneDrive” instead of, let’s say, the full name (or email address) that’s registered under that OneDrive.

I still don’t know how to fix this though…

Hi @emailhendrik,
Can you run through the flow again on the problematic account and then send a diagnostic from the odrive menu along with an example file path for a file you tried to update that odrive is not reflecting properly?

Hi Tony, thanks for the reply. I just sent the diagnostics (via the oDrive systray menu, I suppose that’s one I’m supposed to do?).

Here’s the set up:

Native OneDrive account is at:

The file I am using to test is at:
E:\Data\OneDrive\test.xlsx (i.e. at the root OneDrive directory)

I de-authorized oDrive, and re-authorize, at:

… hence the OneDrive can be found at:

… consequently the test file will be at:

I created that test.xlsx on 17 Jan 2018, 11:30am my time, at native OneDrive folder.

I then went to oDrive and sync just that one file. OK sure enough it is showing the correct file, for now.

I went back to the native OneDrive, and changed/saved it at 11:33am.

It is now 11:38am, and the oDrive version is still showing the 11:30am version of the file. The one thing I can do to ‘force sync’ is if I right-click/unsync “test.xlsx”, and immediately the resulting cloudf file will show 11:33am as last modified.

EDIT: I just sent another diagnostics after I did all of the above, sorry I may have sent the first one wrongly…

hi @emailhendrik,
It looks like this is the issue:

I noticed that the content tag was not changing after your update, which is what we use to trigger an update on the local file. Since Microsoft isn’t updating the content tag, odrive doesn’t know that the file content has changed and doesn’t download the file.

We’ll have to wait until they fix this bug, unfortunately. Can you confirm that this doesn’t happen on non-office files?

**** Update ****
This was fixed by Microsoft