OneDrive Business

Getting an auth error when trying to connect OneDrive Business to odrive.

AADSTS90093: Consenting to applications is currently not supported for your company Your company is currently in an unmanaged state and needs an Administrator to claim ownership of the company by DNS validation of before consent can be enabled.

I get it, but there has to be some way around this…my admins won’t be claiming ownership, etc. :slight_smile:

There isn’t anything we can do about this, unfortunately. Why won’t your admins claim ownership? If they won’t, do you know why are they using a custom domain?


I am getting a similar error message, difference is that where is no claiming ownership.
After thorough googling i found that it has something to do with granting access to 3rd party apps using Oauth…
Is there any way i can fix this? I am administrator of my own account and have all the rights already enabled under my account in onedrive.

the error message: AADSTS90093: Does not have access to consent.

Hi @need2c,
Can you check this article and see if your “UsersPermissionToUserConsentToAppEnabled” is set to true?

Hello @Tony
On the nedrive website i have searched for premissions and found these premissions with my account.

Is this what u meant?

Thanks for your help in advance!

Hi @need2c,
Whoops. I forgot to give the link to the article:

Have you looked at the Azure AD settings? I believe the setting above is the same as the “Users can register applications” setting in Azure Active Directory.