One way download through ODrive from Dropbox to desktop and NOT upload

I need to continue downloading to my desktop (new files and folders) but prevent Uploading from my desktop through ODrive (so the old structure does not reappear).
Is that possible and how is it done?

Colleagues changed the entire structure of Dropbox and I do not want to download the entire 84 GB.

Hi @davidrmartin77,
You can prevent uploading by selecting “Stop automatic sync” under “Ready to sync new changes / Syncing changes” at the top of the odrive tray menu.

If your colleagues changed the remote structure, however, odrive will most likely be trying to reflect those remote structural changes to your desktop, to make your desktop look like the remote storage, instead of the other way around. This will depend on what exactly happened, though.

That is helpful but I understand that this stops BOTH directions of file flow - Upload and Download. My hope was that I could stop ONLY the upload function and maintain the downloads.
I will selectively sync some folders and see if both the desktop and cloud change or, as you suggest, mostly the desktop structure.
I am sure the methods for attempting to reconcile both sides is very complicated - that is why the service is so valuable.

Hi @davidrmartin77,
I may not be correctly understanding the behavior you want, but with automatic sync stopped, you can still right-click->sync and double-click to download files. Any changes made on the local side will be held in the “waiting” queue until you start automatic sync again.