One Folder Won't Sync

I have synced 17 folders with no issues but for some reason I have one folder that looks like it’s synced but the files and subfolders do not show up. What might be going on here?

Hi @acatalfamo,
Can you provide the following information?

I am using Amazon Drive. The only non-allowed character is a “space” in folder names, but that is consistent across all folders that are working correctly.

Let me clarify that the odrive web client and the odrive folder on my computer are syncing correctly. The one folder that is an issue is on an external drive. I can’t provide a screenshot because odrive is not working at all right now. (no syncing or synced symbols next to my files). I have noticed this happens once in awhile but it usually resolves on it’s own in time.

So to recap, I have the same set of files in amazon drive, on my desktop, and on an external drive. All folders are synced correctly across all three- except for one folder on the external drive.

I restarted my computer to get syncing working again. Attached is a screenshot showing the issue. Folder is called “Branding”.

hi @acatalfamo,
Can you send a diagnostic from the odrive menu so I can take a look?

Sent the diagnostic. Thanks!

Hi @acatalfamo,
Spaces in names are fine unless the spaces are at the beginning or end of the name. I see that the branding folder has a trailing space in it. So it looks like this Branding /. Historically this can cause issues and isn’t officially supported as a naming convention.

Can you try removing the trailing space and see if that makes a difference?

That fixed it. Thanks for catching the trailing space- I would have never thought of that.

Great! Thanks for the update.