On a move within odrive, how do I know when it is finished?

I move an unsynced file from one folder to another in odrive.

  1. How do I know when the move is complete?
  2. Same question when I have a unsync file and sync it?
  3. All the badges on the folders in the navigation pane (whether in the path or not) are flashing, and sometimes pause, but then start flashing again. The badges on the destination folder will be flashing with the blue badge, and some upper level folder will be flashing with the sync in progress badge. How to interpret that?

Windows 1909, 64 bit. Not on odrive 2, as far as I know. How would I tell?

Hi @paul-91,

  1. The move should complete pretty quickly. If you look at the odrive tray menu and do not see anything actively syncing, and the moved file is not in “waiting” or “not allowed” is should be done.

  2. Can you clarify this question?

  3. When there are a good number of folders exposed in the navigation pane, you can see some odd behavior with the folder overlays if anything it happening within odrive, even just background tasks. This has to do with the rate at which Explorer is refreshing the views and how odrive uses the overlays to trigger certain background actions. If you collapse the odrive folder in the navigation pane, does the flickering stop?

Thanks, it watching the icon works. And I just ignore the flickering.

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