Omit a single Amazon Cloud Drive folder from syncing

I recently migrated to Amazon Cloud Drive (unlimited) and I synced my Google Drive data on my desktop to Amazon Cloud using odrive, Thanks! I am in the process of migrating a very large backup folder to my Amazon Cloud Drive (using MultiCloud) and I do not want this folder to sync with my desktop. I know how to remove folders from syncing FROM my desktop, but how do I stop this new backup folder from syncing down TO my desktop FROM my Amazon Cloud Drive?


Hmm, I may have discovered the answer myself. So this new folder is migrating to my Amazon Cloud Drive now, I just noticed a new file on my local Cloud Drive folder ‘foldername.cloudf’, there are a few other files like this that I haven’t noticed before. Is it safe to assume these are new files/folders that odrive has discovered, but aren’t downloading to my desktop until I click on it?

Hi there,

Looks like you’ve discovered placefolder files/folders! In my opinion this is one of the best features of odrive, and it works exactly as you’ve described. Basically you have the option to unsync a file/folder by right clicking it selecting unsync. This turns it into a placeholder that represents the file/folder but not actually take up disk space. Whenever you need to sync the contents, you can just double click or rightclick->sync.

If you’re looking for more answers about odrive features, feel free to ask, or take a look at