Older file synced over newer version - can't recover correct version!

Please help- It appears that my newest version sketch file was overwritten by an older version file from a different computer. I’m unable to recover the file with Sketch’s built in recovery (make timeline restore?) because I have auto-unsync turned on due to storage capacity issues. Can anyone help? Is there any way to recover this file?

Hi @dpfeffer03,
I am sorry to hear you are in this situation.

What storage service are you using on this? If it is a service that offers file versioning, like Google Drive or Dropbox, you should be able to pull a previous version from their web interface.

I am not very familiar with Sketch, but I know that it can utilize MacOs’s built in “document revisions” feature, if it is enabled. That sounds like the built-in recovery you were mentioning above, but that is stored in a location that is not accessible to odrive, so auto-unsync would not affect that (/.DocumentRevisions-V100)

Have you also checked the operating system trash, just to make sure there isn’t a copy in there?

Thanks for the prompt response. I was able to dig up the old version attached to a different sketch file on a different computer. For some reason, it seems like it hadn’t synced properly with my other versions…Glad I was able to find it but not sure why the issue was occurring. Thanks again

Thanks for the update @dpfeffer03! I’m glad to hear you found the proper version of the file.

odrive does try to protect against unwanted overwrites across multiple systems.

I am not sure what happened in this case. There are instances where and older version can be synced on top of a newer version if an older version makes it way into the odrive folder after a previous sync, or an older version has its date updated to look newer.

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