Odrvie for windows frozen, stopped syncing, tray icon unresponsive

Installed odrive 6333. Added several GB of new data to the local odrive folder. Sync starts and all runs fine for the first 10-15 minutes. After that:

  1. Tray icon is gray and does not respond to mouse clicks
  2. sync stops - windows task manager shows no activity for odrive process as well as for its network activity

Hi @borisjg,
Can you restart odrive and then send a diagnostic from the odrive menu after a couple of minutes?

Once it seems to freeze, see if you can query the status using the CLI. That could give us some additional insight into what might be happening: How can I use the CLI to check odrive status?

How many files/folders would you estimate you added for sync?

I have sent diagnostics. attached is the status reported by CLI. one before freeze ‘odrivestatus.log’ and the other one ‘odrivestatusfrozen.log’ after freeze.

odrivestatus.log (1.4 KB)
odrivestatusfrozen.log (148 Bytes)

I have in total about 86GB of data to store in cloud. I can see there is about half already uploaded. 89703 files and 10231 directories. When i start the odrive i see it scans through local files and adds files to the sync list. However, the number of files in the cloud does not increase.

i also tried to uninstall odrive and encountered an error

here is the uninstall log
odrive_20180602224109.log (5.6 KB)

Hi @borisjg,
I took a look at the diagnostic and it looks like odrive is trying to optimize the processing of the files for upload, but may be getting overwhelmed with the number of objects during its tracking and filtering.

I would suggesting breaking up the data set into smaller chunks and letting odrive churn through each chunk before adding another. This should allow it to process through things without creating excessive overhead and should allow you to move forward with your bulk upload.

For example, move some larger folders out of odrive, temporarily, so that it can focus on what is left. Once it has processed through that, move in another folder, or two. I would say try to keep the number of objects to process at one time to around 10-15 thousand. Doing this should allow you to see better results.

Additionally, if you have the ability to unsync, unsyncing folders that have already finished syncing can reduce the overhead, as well. Since odrive is a near real-time, bidirectional sync engine, it has to maintain status for every object you have in odrive to ensure that everything stays in sync. The more objects, the more work odrive has to do.

For the uninstall error, the log reports that there was an issue running the MSI for uninstall. I have seen this happen if the Windows MSI cache has been pruned or cleared and the file no longer exists. I have also seen this with a permission issue, but very rarely. Is odrive still in a running state now, or is it in a half-uninstalled state?