Odriveagent high memory usage on Linux Ubuntu

Hello; i notice the memory usage that the agent uses is high upon starting the agent, it sits at 1.1GB - is this normal? How much ram do i need to give to it?

Looks like the max it caps out at is 80%

Hi @iptvcld,
Yes. The agent can be a bit memory hungry.

It will depend a lot on what it is doing and on the scope of your data that it is monitoring/scanning/syncing. The more data (in terms of number of files and folders), the more memory it will consume. The odrive app can also utilize a good deal caching to improve performance at the expense of memory overhead.

Just not sure how much memory to give; right now i gave 1.5gb and it like to go to the max of 80%.
If i give it 2 GB - it goes to the max of 80% there

Hi @iptvcld,
Are you noticing any issues at lower numbers? If not then you should be okay.