Odrive won't sync to anything


Just discovered odrive and set it up to connect a few common clouds I have (Amazon, Dropbox, Google Drive) - set up is on Windows 10.

Everything seems to have installed ok and I’ve linked to the cloud services successfully - in my odrive folder there are separate folders for each of the cloud services and a couple of .conf files

However, none of the servies are syncing. If I double click on a cloud folder within odrive (on the PC) I just get a message saying…“Unable to sync Dropbox cloudf. This file is not inside an odrive folder.”

???.. looks like it’s inside an odrive folder to me! I’m in the odrive folder!

I’ve right-clciked on the odrive folder itself and have pink ‘sync’ and ‘refresh’ links. I’ve clicked sync and got the shiny button thing to start the sync and I’ve started it. There’s no sign of any progress…(is there meant to be?)

Long and short of it is, nothing is syncing from my cloud services to odrive on the PC.

Disappointing. But maybe I’m doing something wrong?..

Hi @dowlassmoss,
It doesn’t sounds like you are doing anything wrong. What you are seeing is not expected.

Can you send a diagnostic from the odrive tray menu (at the bottom) and let me know when its been sent so I can take a look at the configuration?

Hi Tony, thanks for quick response. Diagnostics just sent.

Thanks @dowlassmoss!
There is definitely something off with the installation/configuration. It looks like your desktop client is not properly authorized under your account on odrive, currently.

  • What account did you use to sign-up (Google, Amazon, etc)?
  • What do you see in the odrive menu under “Authorized User”?
  • Can you try selecting “Deauthorize” to reinitialize the desktop client? Then log back into odrive and send another diagnostic if you are still experiencing the same error.

Hi Tony,

• I signed up with Dropbox, if I remember (didn’t take a lot of notice at the time!)
• I see choices for ‘odrive’, ‘email not provided’ and ‘Deauthorize’
• OK, I’ve deauthorized and then logged back in using the same Dropbox credentials. It says I’m successfully logged in to odrive. And this time I can access my folders! :slight_smile:
So not sure what that was about.

Question: once I’m logged in, will odrive automatically start syncing each of my clouds to my PC? Or do I have to start them manually?

(p.s. I’m in the 7 day premium trial period, and wondering what I will lose when the 7 days are up?)

Hi @dowlassmoss,
Great! I’m not sure what happened there, either. Surprisingly, I have actually never seen that particular issue. I am going to talk to the product team about adding a check for the authorization flow to catch an instance like this.

As for the automatic syncing, odrive’s default approach is to provide quick, immediate access to what you need most by allowing you to navigate through the whole structure without having to download anything.

You can initiate a full sync of a directory by using the right-click->sync option. You can read more about that here: https://docs.odrive.com/docs/sync-your-odrive#section--sync-all-files-and-subfolders-

For a comprehensive breakdown of the differences between the free and Premium versions, take a look at this post here:

Excellent, thank you - appreciate your rapid response and useful assistance (I stress useful, because I’ve frequently been assisted online, but many times not usefully!)

I’ll take a look around those links when I’ve got a bit more time - I’m burning the way-past-midnight oil in the UK :wink:


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You bet @dowlassmoss. Have a good night!